What do I do if I have an artwork but want to make changes in it?

What do I do if I have an artwork but want to make changes in it?

Changes can be made in your artwork if it is in an editable format file. We will do the necessary changes in the artwork to meet your requirement.
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    • I liked your ready-to-use design for ABC prod but I want to make slight change in the design, is it possible ?

      Only text editing is possible. For any changes in design, you will have to pay additional charges.
    • What if my artwork has an issue?

      If the artwork uploaded has any issue you will receive a call or an email from our Support team. Also, your order status will change to “On Hold” along with a comment with the reason for the order to be on hold. As soon as the issue is resolved we ...
    • Do you have ready designs which I can use to make my collateral?

      Yes, we do have ready designs/templates for most of our products. These are also bifurcated as per the category to make it easy to choose from a wide variety of templates. These templates are not only easily customizable but also available for free!
    • What is a low resolution artwork?

      What it means: Any photo or file with lower than ideal resolution. Ideally, images/files for printing should be 300 dpi (dots per inch). PrintStop will not proceed with printing of any image/file below 300 dpi as this is the point where low ...
    • How do I place an order online?

      Placing an order online with us is very easy. You just have to choose from the wide product range available on our website. You can either search for your product or navigate the categories and find your products. Once you visit the product page, you ...