What is a low resolution artwork?

What is a low resolution artwork?

What it means: Any photo or file with lower than ideal resolution. Ideally, images/files for printing should be 300 dpi (dots per inch). PrintStop will not proceed with printing of any image/file below 300 dpi as this is the point where low resolution begins to become noticeable. 

P.S: Sometimes image resolution is referred to in terms of ppi (pixels per inch) rather than dpi. In regards to image resolution, the terms dpi and ppi are interchangeable.

Problems caused: Image quality will be less than ideal. Depending on the actual resolution, image quality may range from somewhat poor to extremely poor and jagged edges may be visible throughout the image. Refer the image comparison below.

How to fix: If a higher resolution replacement image is available, it is recommended to replace the lower resolution image with the higher resolution image. Simply changing the resolution of a low resolution image will not noticeably improve the image quality. If the entire page or all images on the page are low resolution, it may be that the images were fine, but the wrong settings were used to generate the PDF that was uploaded. In this case, just export a new PDF of the page using the correct PDF export settings.

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      You can upload artworks in PDF, CDR, AI or PSD formats to get the quality print output. Avoid uploading low resolution PNG, PDF or JPEG files to print.  Read more about low resolution artwork here.
    • What if my artwork has an issue?

      If the artwork uploaded has any issue you will receive a call or an email from our Support team. Also, your order status will change to “On Hold” along with a comment with the reason for the order to be on hold. As soon as the issue is resolved we ...
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      Changes can be made in your artwork if it is in an editable format file. We will do the necessary changes in the artwork to meet your requirement.